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Niu means "Young Coconut" and to Pacific Peoples is also known as "The Tree of Life". NiuFM is "The Beat of the Pacific" throughout Aotearoa 24 hours a day. We keep you entertained with a mix of cool music ranging from all your favourite old school tunes to the latest r&b hits. All the 'feel good' music by your popular artists including our very own Pacific artists. From the breakfast table, through to dropping the kids off at school, or going to work, school or uni, to driving home or working the night shift - NiuFM will be singing, dancing and laughing alongside. First and foremost we are proud to be! Proud to be Pacific, proud to be Kiwi, whatever ethnic mix is present... we are proud. We embrace and celebrate what makes us unique - our spirit, our cultures, our stories and our history. NiuFM is part of your journey keeping you entertained, informed and connected to your Pacific identity.