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WBAP is a news and talk formatted-AM radio station in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. WBAP broadcasts on 820 kHz with 50,000 watts from a transmitter site in southern Arlington and its nighttime signal can be heard throughout the Southern, Central, and Midwest states. WBAP is one of many Disney/ABC Radio stations that was transferred to Citadel Broadcasting in 2007; the station is now owned by Cumulus Media and remains an affiliate of ABC. Despite different owners, WBAP and WFAA-TV maintain a strong partnership (as WFAA is the local ABC television affiliate). WBAP and sister station KSCS are responsible for activation of the North Texas Emergency Alert System when hazardous weather alerts, Disaster area declarations, and child abductions are issued. As of September 16, 2011, WBAP is currently under ownership of Cumulus Media.