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    Happy Mum Happy Baby

    In the Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast, Giovanna Fletcher continues the conversation about motherhood she began in her bestselling book of the same title. In a series of frank and warm conversations with other high-profile mothers, Gi discusses all aspects of being a mum - the highs, the lows, the challenges and rewards. In contrast to the mothering manuals that preach perfect parenting, Gi calls for parents to pat themselves on the back for trying their best and to recognise that everyone does things differently. Covering topics from IVF, to anxiety, hypnobirthing to breastfeeding, body shaming to raising twins - this podcast is essential listening for any parent seeking solidarity and support. Series launches on September 5th 2017.

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    Podcast Radio Junior

    RADIO JUNIOR®, la première radio des enfants

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    Les mille et une nuits

    Afin de ne plus être déçu par les femmes, le sultan Schahriar décide d’épouser une jeune fille chaque jour et de la faire mourir dès le lendemain. Scheherazade ne peut le souffrir davantage. Elle se fait donner à lui en mariage par le grand vizir, son père, afin de mettre un terme à cette barbarie, si cela est possible.Par ses contes surprenants, Scheherazade tiendra le sultan en haleine, renouvellant son sursis dès les premières lueurs du jour. Jusques à quand ? Joignons-nous à Dinarzade et Schahriar. Écoutons ses récits passionants, nuit après nuit, après nuit, … Deceived once by a woman, Shahryar, the sultan, marries a maid every evening and has her killed on the very next day. Scheherazade convinces the grand vizier, her father, to give him her hand to attempt to put an end to this nightmare. Every night, she will tell him a different tale. Day by day, her life will be saved by Shahryar’s curiosity, as he is intrigued by what he hears. Night after night, let’s listen to Scheheraz…

  • Logo du podcast Les Animaux ont aussi leur histoire

    Les Animaux ont aussi leur histoire

    8 animaux - le cochon, l'ours, la baleine, le coq, la licorne, le corbeau, le loup, le renard - racontés par Michel Pastoureau. (2015)

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    Podcast les petits citoyens

    Podcast les petits citoyens