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The foundation of Atlantic Oldies 2NG is now Station Playlist, an automation package from StationPlaylist. It sits humming 24/7 without much of a hiccup. Every now and again it burps and lets me know it's alive, but for $250 the reliability, feature set and support is without any doubt amazing. I changed from SAM because SPL handles voice-tracking (allowing me to record some announcements and make it sound live) far better and also the audio encoding is better as a rule. As of February 2008 I changed to Station Playlist Creator to generate playlists for the station. Whilst not as flexible in terms of rules and scheduling, it actually does everything I need it to for Atlantic Oldies 2NG and does it well. It allows me to schedule jingles nearer to times, and also insert voice tracks for as far ahead as I could see fit! MusicGen Lite was retired. A great free package but no longer supported, even in the paid versions. Time to move on.