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Starting out in the early 90’s from West Philly as an up and coming Emcee, Madd teams up with Rob Starr and the Mighty Briz to form “THE LEGION”.with banging street tracks like “However do you need me”, “Nappy Niggaz”, and “Who’s next ta flex”, Madd would later be introduced to Dj Rocksteady of the Trauma Center where he collaborated on classic hits like “Terror in your era”, “Spillin what I’m feelin,” and many more. Using styles that create a true hip hop vibe on tracks Madd would eventually launch Madd Rhyma Records. releasing his debut album in 2012 titled “Black reign” featuring Dj Rocksteady a.k.a Mr. Radical, Chad Anthony, Charles chill, Ms. Wizdom, StayPuff, Mike Genius, and Nex Millen. with show performances with Trauma Center Madd is not only writing but also producing some neo soul style tracks to launch his next mission (the Madd Ra revolution.) Currently on his fourth album Madd Rhyma has launched his internet radio station called ILLADELPHIA RADIO .