• Big Fat Lies with Jennifer Cramer Lewis

    LIVE FRIDAYS 4 PM ET/3 CT/2 MT/1 PT Is your life and business truly delightful? Can it be? Jennifer Cramer Lewis says yes it can, when you don’t fall for the Big Fat Lies. Jennifer stands for deliciously ambitious female business owners like you, always knowing when they are under the spell of a Big Fat Lie, and will use her quirky irreverent style to show you, what to say yes to, so you can be proactive, passionate, productive and profitable in your life and business. Part cautionary tale, part practical magic, Big Fat Lies invites you to laugh at limitation and embrace all the fun and fortune you came here to experience as a female business owner. https://www.jennifercramerlewis.com/   Jennifer’s Gift for You https://www.audaciousasksystem.com/ Jennifer’s Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/joyfulentrepreneurcommunity

  • The Pleasure Zone ~ Milica Jelenic

    What is pleasure? Have you ever noticed that what is pleasing to one body is not necessarily pleasing to all bodies? What if our bodies like to be pleasing and to gift pleasure to others and to receive pleasure? Milica Jelenic http://www.milicajelenic.com

  • Your Life, On Purpose! with Bruce Cruickshank

    LIVE WEDNESDAYS 4 PM ET/3 CT/2 MT/1 PT Your Higher Power has an On-Purpose Life already designed for you. Are you tapping into your awareness to receive and live your On-Purpose life? Most of us go through life knowing we were called to do more, yet very few of us do anything about this. Accountability Partner Bruce Cruickshank, will use his talents, gifts and experience to support you, and guide you to an On-Purpose Life. rbruce@ekcommunications.com Give2Get - Our vision is to build a world-wide community of thought-provoking leaders who are inspired to give back to humanity in ways that are only limited by their individual creativity. - https://www.give2get.life

  • Creating Abundance With Ease ~ Dr. Helen Gitlevich

    LIVE WEDS 12 PM ET/11 am CT/10MT/9PT Magic is everywhere. Abundance is everywhere. What if we can tap into abundance and start creating it in our lives with total ease? Are you choosing what you desire? What if more is available than you believe is possible? Dr Helen Gitlevich will use the tools of Akashic Records and Access Consciousness to guide you on the journey to creating more in your life than you’ve ever imagined. https://www.creatingabundancewithease.com/

  • Feel To Heal With Sharyn Nichols

    LIVE MONDAYS 6 PM ET/5 CT/4 MT/3 PT At different times on our life journey, we can feel stuck and struggle with seeing our way through. Oftentimes, our usual ways of dealing with these struggles aren’t helpful or may even prevent us from growing as individuals. True growth is healing through feeling so you can communicate authentically and appropriately. Do you find yourself coming up against the same obstacles over, and over again without any lasting resolution? Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Life Guide Sharyn Nichols will support you through the Feel to Heal process by using powerful techniques that will support you in creating a new pathway in your life. https://www.feeltoheal.com

  • Divine Feminine with Marcela

    LIVE FRIDAYS 11 AM ET/10 CT/9 MT/8 PT Divine Feminine with Marcela ~ Have you experienced feeling like something’s missing and not really able to quite put your finger on it or unable to express it? Possibly feeling like you’re going through the motions of your life but not really feel fully engaged … love life? Not fully feeling fulfilled or seen and maybe wondering is this all there is? There may be an aspect of you that hasn’t been tapped into and possibly unrevealed to you. Your soul may be calling you to dive in, explore your deeper desires, and take pleasure in your divine feminine. Join me, Marcela Veron, as it’s time to dive into your Mystery… and listen to the deeper… Higher CALL to awaken your feminine magic and embrace the divine feminine within –the rich facets of your divine essence and the luminescent beauty of your soul. She will lead you to deepen into love, enlivened and feel enriched… to BE more fully YOU…  overflowing and fulfilled. www.sacredfemininemedicine.com

  • Turn On Your Goddessness with Yuryra Guzman

    LIVE WEDNESDAYS 9 PM ET/8CT/7MT/6PT The Goddess is a woman who has reclaimed her own divinity, who has discovered it inside her own being. She knows it; she lives it. Goddessness is her way! Every woman is a Goddess, some of us have just forgotten it for a long time Yuryra Guzman is a Goddess Mentor and will guide you with pragmatic tools to find, explore and turn on the energy of the feminine potency of living with the pleasure, intuition, receiving and ease with fun and fearless conversations. https://www.yuryraguzman.com/

  • Raw & Real with Dr Lisa

    LIVE WEDNESDAYS 2 PM ET/1 CT/12 MT/11 AM PT Gone are the days of sleepwalking through your life!  What if today was all you had?  Are you truly willing to wake up, step up and make this the life of your dreams? You have what it takes to change your life NOW! Get Real! Be Raw!  Embrace Change! Create your radically orgasmic reality!  Choose what works for you! Come get Raw and Real with Maverick of Consciousness Dr Lisa.   Dr. Lisa’s Book: Lies Of Money Purchase here AccessConsciousness.com www.drlisacooney.com

  • Mystic Margaritas

    LIVE MONDAYS 1 PM ET/12 CT/11am MT/10 PT Have you ever wondered what mysticism truly is?  Have you ever considered what is available to create more mysticism or magic in your world? Dancing with the mystic within you creates great opportunities that lead to magical changes!  This magic is how our energy fields and intuition support us in relationships, work, finances and well, just having fun!   Mystic Margaritas is created from both of our names being Margaret – which means Pearl.   Our combined experience and knowledge have created pearls we would love to share with you as you navigate your life. Margaritas in this context, represents the sweet and salty of life.  Drink up the magic in you with the Mystic Margaritas!! Margaret Miller’s https://www.spiritwolfhealingarts.com/ Marge Bowen’s http://margebowen.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mysticmargaritas

  • Bill Myers Inspires

    LIVE FRIDAYS 3 PM ET/2 CT/1 MT/12 PT Today we are facing some of the greatest challenges of our lives, from our health, to political unrest, the environment, financial uncertainty and the nation’s racial divide. Every Friday at 3pm EST, join teacher, minister and life coach Bill Myers as he and his guests take a deep dive into the issues that impact our world and with an eye to exploring solutions!  Bill Myers Inspires encourages listeners to look within themselves and take decisive action to make a positive difference. https://www.billmyersinspires.com/

  • Infinite You with Jenn Wood

    LIVE WEDNESDAYS 10 AM ET/9 CT/8 MT/7 PT Are you your own worst enemy? Do you feel overwhelmed with thoughts of never feeling good enough or that life is not what you had imagined it would be? One of the biggest struggles we face as humans is wrestling with that voice inside our heads that is constantly keeping us feeling small and less then. Empowerment Coach Jenn Wood uses her unique perspective and practices to help transform your way of thinking from critical to confident and help you discover YOUR Infinite You. https://infiniteyou.ca/

  • Stand As 1 With Carly Gossard

    LIVE FRIDAYS 2 PM ET/1CT/12MT/11 am PT What knowing lies within you, that if you were willing to share, would truly change the world and move it into the direction?  Are you desiring, as I do,  to build the kingdom of we where we can all stand as 1? Stand As 1 is where we can come together as a community.  In this community we talk about the things we’ve been afraid to talk about or told not to talk about. We are told not to talk about these topics as they make others’ feel uncomfortable because they are unwilling to takeoff the rose colored glasses and see things the way they really are.

  • Conversations with Christina

    LIVE WEDS 10 PM ET/9CT/8MT/7PT “God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds. He uses time and pressure and just when you thought your life was over, you began to fly”. Conversations with Christina is designed to motivate, inspire, and encourage listeners and viewers to be and become their best self. Christina will use her unique talent, personal testimonies and triumph to teach the principals of self-love and human self-reflections. Christina’s vision is to help one’s self to reach their highest potential and live the life of purpose that they have always imagine. With no more delay but through hard work, dedication and self-determination.   Christina’s Book: Don’t Look Like What I Been Through Purchase here Don’t Look Like What I Been Through

  • Become The Banker with Joseph Quijano

    LIVE MONS 12 PM ET/11am CT/10MT/9PT We work hard for our money. We try to save money for our retirement. Only to lose it to the volatility of the stock market, taxes and finance charges. The biggest fear that people have today is outliving their money at retirement Certified Financial Planner Joseph Quijano, will use his award-winning financial strategies to give you financial clarity and freedom https://www.becomethebanker.org Joseph’s Book: Become The Banker Purchase here www.becomethebanker.org/store/

  • Love, Life & All Things Weird ~ Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer

    LIVE WED 12 PM ET/11AM CT/10MT/9PT What if you really can have it all? No--really? What if everything you THINK you desire is only a starting point for the life you are truly capable of creating? On Love, Life, & All Things Weird, we will explore topics from magic to practical step by step processes, and everything in between. Megan Sillito & Suzanne Stauffer http://www.MeganSillito.com     http://livingyoursoultruth.com

  • Bringing The Sexy with ~ Carol Reinlie

    Inspired Choices Network What if there was a different possibility for ALL the relationships in your life? Romantic? Friendship? Business? This lifetime has so many ways that we are supposed to do relationships. Is this really working? Carol Reinlie www.carolreinlie.com

  • Infinite Energies with ~ Lisa Benitz

    Join Lisa Benitz on her weekly Radio show as she discusses everything from spaces, bodies, relationship, money, business, healing and so much more! What are the infinite possibilities with Infinite Energies?! Lisa Benitz http://www.infiniteenergies.ca/

  • Simply Being ~ Rioha Fortner

    Inspired Choices Network Do you know how Simple it can be to just BE? Yet instead we often go into our heads and make it complicated. We develop the bad habit of over thinking. Going into conclusions about what things mean instead of asking questions. Rioha Fortner www.rioha.com