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101.5 FM / 720 AM KDWN is the ONLY FM news talk station in Las Vegas. With the latest version of the KDWN app, everything you need to stay informed is in the palm of your hand and right at your fingertips! 101.5 FM / 720 AM KDWN has assembled a strong programming lineup featuring the most popular talk show hosts in Las Vegas, Laura Ingraham who is the most listened to woman in talk radio, multi-media superstar Sean Hannity, and one of the top conservative thinkers and authors today, Mark Levin. Other programming includes Bucket Strategy Investing, Coaches Corner, and Ask the Experts. The KDWN app is really easy to use, and best of all its 100% absolutely FREE! Download KDWN app today and see for yourself what you’ve been missing! To stay up to date with 101.5 FM / 720 AM KDWN, join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter @KDWNLasVegas, where you’ll find the latest contests and giveaways, exclusive interviews, and much, much more!