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Real Music by Real People. Discover great eclectic music not normally played on mainstream radio

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We play an exciting range of music that you will not find on mainstream radio stations. We have a wide roster of guest DJ's that will play the very best music in their record collections. Because there is no playlist, you will discover songs that you have never heard of before, but wish you had! Our music covers funk, soul, dance, electronica, techno, trance, rap, hip-hop, rock, indie, punk and alternative, we also feature local up and coming bands. Again though, you will not find the most obvious tracks, we will introduce you to hidden classics, rare grooves, obscure B sides, and stuff, for whatever reason. that didn't make it to the airwaves first time around. What it all has in common, is a theme, it is interesting and played by someone who loves it. A full schedule of all our shows can be found on our website. our website is clear and concise, so you will easily find exactly what sort of show you are looking for and when its on.