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  • Logo du podcast Feel Good Inc.好感觉公司

    Feel Good Inc.好感觉公司

    A daily collection of anyting that makes us feel good. 我的节目只有一个任务:就是在一小时的音乐天马行空里,搜寻你我生活中的美好瞬间,让你的嘴角弧度轻微上扬。

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    Walk in the shoes of people who journey afar to embrace their dreams. Listen to thought-provoking perspectives and conversations while getting a candid glance into life in China.

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  • Logo du podcast Gospodarski fokus s Karlom

    Gospodarski fokus s Karlom

    Poslušajte priloge o dinamici bilateralnih trgovinskih i gospodarskih odnosa Kine i Europske unije, upoznajte se bolje s kineskim tvrtkama te aktualnom situacijom na jednom od najmoćnijih svjetskih tržišta i doznajte više o kineskoj gospodarskoj politici. Podržite stvaranje platforme komunikacije, boljeg međusobnog razumijevanja, gospodarske suradnje i razmjene dviju strana.

  • Logo de la radio Guangzhou Radio - 城市之声SUNFM103.6
  • Logo de la radio Guitar God Radio

    Guitar God Radio

    CSNX - 8500 Guitar God

  • Logo de la radio HIT FM国际流行音乐

    HIT FM国际流行音乐

    Hit FM是中国国际广播电台旗下的国际流行音乐频率,2003年4月16日开始在北京试播。与中国传统的综合性电台不同,Hit FM采用国际上最成熟、最专业的类型化音乐电台(Pure Format Radio)操作模式,全

  • Logo du podcast Headline News

    Headline News

    We keep you up to date with latest news happening in China and around the world. Updated twice a day at 10 AM and 10 PM Beijing time.

  • Logo du podcast High Hanging Fruits

    High Hanging Fruits

    Playwright Zhu Yi and astrophysicist Liu Jia discussing art and science in daily life. Fun and serious. 编剧朱宜和天体物理研究员刘佳探讨日常生活中的人文与科学。严肃活泼的一档谈话类节目。

  • Logo du podcast Howzit China

    Howzit China

    Want a one-stop shop in learning more about China? Then this is the podcast for you. From the food & the Forbidden City, to having a ball in Beijing! Howzit China focuses on China's history in South Africa, cuisine, language, opportunities in China for South Africans, opportunities for China in SA & more..

  • Logo du podcast Illuminating Chinese Classics

    Illuminating Chinese Classics

    “Illuminating Chinese Classics” shares with you some of the stories behind Chinese history and culture, and the Chinese language. In each short episode, we unpack the meaning of a piece of classic Chinese text, and talk about how it relates to life in China today.

  • Logo du podcast Ink & Quill

    Ink & Quill

    Love reading yet lost in plenty of literary podcasts out there? Look no further! The weekly program Ink is the hotchpotch you are looking for. Produced by bibliophiles from CRI English, the podcast connects you with literature, culture and writers in China and around the globe. A fun ride into the literary world, Ink blends news, book reviews, Q , panel discussions and feature stories, giving the listeners insight into writers' visions.

  • Logo du podcast Language Café

    Language Café


  • Logo du podcast Learn Chinese - Mandarin Chinese Lessons

    Learn Chinese - Mandarin Chinese Lessons

    Theme-based, progressive and easy to follow Mandarin Chinese Audio Lessons for anyone interested in learning conversational Mandarin. Download the complete Chinese course (276+ audio lessons, full PDF lesson transcripts, worksheets, extra situational dialogues and videos) by signing up at

  • Logo du podcast Learning English for China

    Learning English for China

    提高英语听力水平,掌握纯正英式表达,了解英国社会和文化的方方面面。BBC英语教学播客频道播出丰富、专业、实用的英语学习节目。 Improve your English skills. This weekly podcast contains some of the best audio from BBC Learning English.

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  • Logo du podcast Music Talks

    Music Talks

    Feast your ears on the musical classics of the east with MUSIC TALKS, the Middle Kingdom’s mashup of classical music and in-depth discussions with some of China’s most celebrated orchestral professionals. Experience the instruments, get some perspective, feel the pulse of antiquity.

  • Logo de la radio Must Have Metal

    Must Have Metal

    The best variety of Metal from around the world...24/7!

  • Logo du podcast My China Story

    My China Story

    My China Story delivers first-hand anecdotes from expats in China.

  • Logo du podcast My Stories of Chinese Characters

    My Stories of Chinese Characters

    "My Stories of Chinese Characters" is hosted by Uncle Hanzi, an American who has studied Chinese characters for 30 years. He will tell the stories behind Chinese characters in this ten-episode series, which will show how the Chinese live their daily lives and how they have preserved the culture for centuries.